Outbound Engine

    Outbound Engine is a company that specializes in marketing for agents. They will keep you in touch with clients and prospects automatically via email and social media, which means more referrals and repeat business with less effort.
    The best part about OutboundEngine is that they handle everything for you, unlike many tools that require you to create, publish and manage everything yourself. Their program was recently featured in Inman, where they basically got a perfect review.   
    I’ve negotiated very aggressive pricing — they are going to offer us a special discounted price, waive the technology setup fee & a reduced on-boarding call fee.
    Click here for a brief video for Specialized Content for Real Estate.
    You can let Robbie know if you’re interested and he’ll connect you with our contact over there, OR you can email him directly at shane.balas@outboundengine.com or call 512-717-4647.