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Castelli Real Estate has joined forces with OPCITY!  Providing referrals to the right agent in real time.

How it works:


Referral Generation

Opcity takes on the risk of lead generation for you with no upfront fees.  They call, filter and continually follow up with inquiries until the perefect client is ready to be transferred to you.  The Opcity agent matching technology connects the right client to the right agent.  Agents with the highest performance get access to a higher volume and quality of referrals.

Live transfer via mobile

All client introductions to you occur via a live warm phone transfer.  The first agent to respond to our mobile alert will receive a real-time introduction to a ready client.

No Sign-up Cost

To completely align incentives, Opcity only gets paid when you get paid.  They are so confident in their technology, they bear the upfront cost and risk.

Fees are as follow:

Agent agrees to pay Opcity 30.00% (if the closing price is $150,000 or less) or 35.00% (if the closing price is over $150,000 and in the case of lease commissions).

Some things to keep in mind to receive more lead alerts:

  • Remove the price range filter.  Until you have a closing you will probably only receive leads around the $100K range.  If you have a filter on do exclude that price point you probably will not receive any leads.
  • Remove any time filters.  Opcity most likely does not work 24hrs a day so if you have a filter that excludes overnight hours I would suggest removing it.  Aka “Do not Disturb”
  • Notification mode:  if you aren’t using the opcity app you should download it from your app store.  People who use the app get more leads and faster rather than using just text messages.
  • Location:  Don’t sell yourself short.  The smaller the radius the far fewer leads you will receive.  Even if you set your radius to 20 miles that doesn’t mean you have to accept a lead from that area.
  • Zip Codes:  Set to accept all.

Opcity uses an algorithm to determine who gets leads.  Factors which include: Filters, Customer reviews, Closings, released referrals, dashboard usage and keeping your leads up to date.

If you follow these steps you should be able to increase the amount of lead alerts you receive.

Please see Robbie if you would like to sign up!