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On Demand Education Courses

On Demand Education Courses

Please email Robbie to sign up for any of the classes.

On Demand Training                                     Descriptions of each class:

Coaching/Business Planning

With Rod Blacklock or John Castelli

 The Coaching Class is an introduction to the Productivity Enhancement Session Series. Attendees work with the instructor to learn how to be accountable to themselves and to the instructor for their day to day business building activities. Attendees develop a list of activities starting with building their personal business plan based on the amount of production and type of sales they want to be able to achieve in a 1 year time period. Through analyzing current market trends and personal business development, monthly, weekly and days lists of activities and goals are created. When this plan is followed consistently, business growth can be achieved.

With Amy McGrotty

 In the Contracts class, attendees go through the most commonly used and recommended forms associated with doing real estate transactions in our area. Learning objectives include but are not limited to: how to explain sections to customers; what the different options with a form mean to the customer, the transaction and to the agent’s involved; what are some of the common mistakes and how to correct them; what is a best way to achieve the desired result.

With John Castelli

 While in the Negotiation class, attendees learn the art of bringing two parties into agreement to achieve a common desired result.
World’s Greatest Listing Presentation

With John Castelli

 Listing presentations are used to educate and persuade property owners to work with a real estate professional to sell or rent a property or business. Creating a presentation that captures an owners interest and convinces them that the person presenting it is the right choice to work with is an art form though there are common elements that have been proven to be most successful. This class gives many of the common elements that support successful presentations but also allows the individual the creative freedom to have the presentation reflect their personal style and way of doing business.


Matrix Training

GFLR or Rod Blacklock


Matrix is the website application used to house all the listing information from Realtors to share with other Realtors. It can be used to find properties or businesses for sale or rent. It is the essential tool for any real estate professional to provide the information needed to our customers. This class teaches the basics of setting up and using this website and many of the issues that agents in the past have learned to overcome to get the best information results.

Transaction Desk Training

GFLR or Rod Blacklock

 Transaction Desk is another website application and it allows real estate professionals to fill in the blanks for contracts and forms used in every type of real estate transaction. It also allows for the electronic signing of documents when wet signatures may not be practical. Learning how to effectively use this application greatly enhances a real estate professional’s ability to get transactions done more quickly and professionally.
How To Build A CMA

With Rod Blacklock

 The Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is used mostly when creating a listing presentation for a property seller. A thorough understanding of the steps and outcome also benefit purchasers to determine the appropriate offer price for a transaction. Using the concept of substitution, it helps to determine the most likely selling price of a property based off recent similar transactions in that area. This class shows how to use the CMA utility within Matrix to define the subject property, find comparable properties and make adjustments to the comparable properties and create a professional, educational and captivating product to present.
How To Do Floor Duty

With Rod Blacklock

 Floor duty is an excellent way for real estate professionals to meet and speak with perspective customers. This class explains how to best work with new customers to determine their needs and help them feel at ease working with you.


Working With A Buyer

With John Castelli or Rod Blacklock

 Buyers have goals they want to achieve. Learning how to determine what their goals are, if they are realistic and how best to achieve those goals is the object of this class. There are many factors that are involved such as: do they plan to pay using all cash or will they finance; if they are financing, are they qualified; what type of property do they want, what type of property can they afford. Learning how to correctly interpret their needs and guiding them through the maze of options to a happy outcome is the primary focus of this class.
Property Inspections

With Rod Blacklock

 Property inspections take place as part of a buyer doing their due diligence during the purchase contract timeline. Whether you are representing the buyer or the seller, what types of inspections may the buyer need, what will be required if the buyer is financing their purchase, what are some of the best ways to overcome issues that may be identified during the inspection process.
What Happens at the Closing Table

With Expetitle

 The final step in conveying real estate from a seller to a buyer is the closing process. In this class, you’ll learn what is needed to review and prepare for the closing, options for document signing, what paperwork should the real estate professional expect to receive when the closing is completed that are part of the transaction documents or need to be turned into the office so that a commission check can be issued.
LeadingRE & Castelli University

With Renee Becker

 LeadingRE:  Learn how to get referrals and turn them into non-energy income which means more money for you.  You will also learn which online classes you need to take to be able to receive incoming referrals.

With Robbie Whitmore

 Learn about the only site you will ever need!  Impress your customers with a beautiful branded experience.  Today’s competitive real estate market means a slid online presence isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.  With BoomTown you get a site designed to attract, built to convert, and has equal parts beauty & brains.
Financing Mortgage 101

With Sondra Dane

 The Finance class covers how a loan officer and realtor work together, what is a mortgage pre-approval vs pre-qualification and which one do you need,  what you need to know about the loan programs, what is the mortgage process from application to closing.
Sale Transaction Guide

With Rod Blacklock or John Castelli

There is a long list of tasks that have to be completed for a purchase transaction to successfully close.  From learning which property the customer most wants to purchase to completing and presenting offers, financing, contingencies and closing.  This class walks attendees through the process so that it will be familiar and attendees can feel confident in helping their customers.
Rental Transaction Guide

With Rod Blacklock or John Castelli

This class will help attendees learn how to work with people looking for a rental.  It could be a vacation rental or an annual rental.  Attendees will learn what information to gather, how best to search and get listing information to tenants, present an offer to rent a property and successfully help the tenant take possession.