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Amazon Household Items: Garden/Patio

Click on the pictures to get to my Amazon Store to purchase the items!

This set of plant hangers is perfect to create a beachy / tropical vibe in your patio area or inside your home. They fit a variety of different pots, are environment friendly (because they are not made of plastic) and very, very durable and aesthetically pleasing. Click the picture to get to the shop on Amazon!


These vintage outdoor lights turn any outdoor area into an instagramable space. The light chain already comes with a set of vintage bulbs and is super easy to install. The bulbs give off a warm, cozy light. Cheers to awesome summer nights with friends and family! Click the picture to get to the shop on Amazon!


If you have ugly tiles in your patio but not the time and patience to take on a renovation or you just want to go with a warmer, more organic look, then I recommend these wood panels. They are easy to install, you can reverse them at any time (great if you are renting!) and they are easy to clean!



I have a lot of plants. A lot! At one point I got sick of running back and forth from the sink to my patio with my watering can. However, a hose that had to be stored away and rolled up every time was not an option. Thank goodness for this handy invention! A retractable hose! It literally expands all the way from my spare faucet in the laundry room to my patio when it fills up with water. Once I’m done watering my plants, I turn off the faucet, drain the remaining water, and it shrinks into a 4ft long hose that can easily be hidden next to my washer. And the nozzle that comes with it makes it so much fun to water the plants, clean the patio, the shower and lots of other things!

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