Amy McGrotty

    #REALESTATEOLOGIST Full Time Realtor Real Estate Attorney since 1989

    "Our cumulative experiences shape us and make us who we are”. No truer words have been spoken when it comes to Amy McGrotty. Growing up with a single mother who struggled to make ends meet, Amy learned the importance of self-sufficiency from her early life experiences and this is made clear through her work every day. Whether utilizing her specialties as a real estate attorney, a title agent, a real estate agent, or a volunteer, one thing is certain. When you work with Amy, be ready to take part in an experience like none other.

    Amy was born in South Miami and spent her first 11 years in Florida before moving to New York to be near her Mom’s sister, later returning to the state she considers home. Growing up with only one parent in the picture, Amy drew inspiration from her mother and her Aunt Juanita from an early age. Whether introducing her to real estate through their own work, or simply serving as examples of strength and compassion, they have been a spark to the flame of Amy’s success even after the passing of her mother, the protector who loved her unconditionally. As she so eloquently puts it, “life goes on” for Amy, but the impact left by those who inspire us is never gone, and certainly never forgotten.

    Amy served as a real estate attorney and title agent before delving into real estate sales. She said that what initially drew her to real estate was two things: buying her mother’s house so she would not go into foreclosure, and her first real estate closing in 1989. Around that same time, she also crossed paths with an adversary who would soon become one of her closest friends and mentors. You know what they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. However, Helen Roper proved to be no enemy, and they have now been working together for almost 25 years, learning and growing in mutual respect and admiration.

    Since her start into real estate, Amy has overseen thousands of transactions in multiple roles. Now, she is a full time Realtor and experienced investor who still owns multiple investment properties of her own throughout South Florida. She and her team of top professionals specialize in working with selective clients seeking South Florida living. Her main goal is to help her clients experience a drama-free and turnkey journey to the laid back lifestyle they deserve. Her experience and negotiation and research skills add to and enhance your experience which is exactly why she’s known as The Realestateologist.

    Beyond providing a super smooth experience for her clients, she is also recognized for giving back to her community. She has worked with Justice Teaching, a Florida program that teaches schoolchildren the concepts contained in the U.S. Constitution. She has volunteered for the Tracey McPharlin Pro Bono Project to represent foster children in dependency cases, and recently signed up with Legal Aid to provide free estate planning to veterans.

    When she isn’t calling all the shots to a perfect process, Amy enjoys a few experiences of her own, like playing the Japanese Taiko drums, blacksmithing, working on her investment properties, or breezing through the waterways to scout properties by boat. Amy and her wife, Deborah (also a boat captain) often treat serious clients to waterfront living boat tours, allowing them to experience properties from a unique perspective. Very few can claim to make every day and every occasion an experience, and even fewer do it for the greater good of those around them. Let’s just say that knowing Amy McGrotty is indeed an experience in every sense of the word.

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