Amy McGrotty

    I have practiced real estate and lender law since 1989. I have examined title, issued title policies, drafted and negotiated residential and commercial contracts, represented lenders in foreclosure and loss mitigation and more...... I feel energized to get out of the office and into the streets.

    I have a true passion for real estate and over the years I have gained experience and confidence in my ability to sell and through that process, help people, this is a natural transition for me.

    I have bought and sold homes for myself, I have handled the legal and title aspect of thousands of real estate transactions. I have bought and sold a small hotel, and small apartment buildings. I still own 2 apartment buildings. I can’t buy them all but I love looking at and studying real estate, I look forward to getting out and connecting with people to buy and sell from each other. I get to participate in that connection and continue to look at and study real estate. I get to share the experience of the buyer and seller. It is always exciting. I DO WHAT I LOVE TO DO!

    It just makes sense for people to utilize me to help them make the deal because of my extensive real estate experience, my integrity and my connections with others that can help when my clients buy and sell.

    Amy McGrotty
    Castelli Real Estate Services
    2227 Wilton Drive
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305

    Amy McGrotty

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